Burglar/Security Systems

PFA's Security Specialist will work with your existing alarm manufacturer (when applicable) to troubleshoot and correct any programming issues. The Security Specialist will also seamlessly program any system we install while giving the customer a hands on tutorial of their new system. PFA can install most manufacturers products.

Home Automation

PFA can offer the ability to control your house with a complete home automation system. We will install all components and program each to ensure proper operation allowing the integration of your security system, smoke detectors, lights, HVAC, door locks, electrical outlets, moisture sensors, and more.

PFA’s NICET certified technician’s knowledge in how a fire alarm is supposed to operate and what the code requires of the system. Our technicians also have manufactures training for the manufacturers listed below.

·         Firelite Alarms

·         Silent Knight

·         Notifier (Non-proprietary systems only)

·         Honeywell (Non-proprietary systems only)

·         Edwards (Non-proprietary systems only)